Adjustable Design - As individual as you like!


  • Design, adjust and update your terminals through templates, wallpapers and color schemes at any time
  • Create your own navigation menu to guide the visitor optimally through your presentation
  • Individualize apps through your own content, like images and videos for example
  • Create your own design template in keeping with your company’s corporate identity

Giving a B12-Touch system an expressive design is easy to do for any user, thanks to the many features provided. With the design templates and wallpapers included in every B12-Touch bundle, you effortlessly create terminals that perfectly fit your company’s corporate design.

Different designs of B12-Touch surfaces

Design Templates

All of our B12-Touch bundles already include several design templates. Selecting from those designs, you can define the color scheme, the shape of navigation elements as well as the font to be used. For certain resolutions it is possible to choose specially adjusted templates, which make optimal use of a vertical display format for example. Moreover, you can always commission us to design a unique individual template in line with your corporate identity.

Signature Design Template in Line with your CI

If the CI guidelines have to be met fully and consequently, it is possible to have an individualized interface be created. With all other packages you simply buy it as an add-on.

Layout Grid

Layouts for the touch presentation can be created on your own through an editor. It is also possible to realize single-app-solutions or a vertical format to use touch steles or classic digital signage formats in your display network.

Creation of own backgrounds

You can set an individualized background for a terminal or a singular app. This way it is easy to adjust the appearance very effectively to your company’s CI. Use a background image from your company brochure for example, and place your logo in the top right corner.

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