Creating Suites - completely new design possibilities

Many Content Management Systems require a lot from you when managing multiple terminals with the same or different content. The B12-Touch system, however, enables access to all important functions using an easy-to-use concept – suites.

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Each terminal is assigned one suite. The suite describes the appearance and the basic behaviour as well as the content itself (apps). At the same time, the apps can be grouped into further subgroups, offering infinite freedom when structuring your multi-touch presentation. Branch your content, for example, by product area, location or department. Each subgroup can therefore have a completely new appearance, making it easy for you to visually show the user of the terminal the differences between the different areas. A suite can of course be assigned to multiple terminals simultaneously. This enables a terminal network to be kept up to date swiftly and effectively.

Live-Preview Touch Software


The further edited apps are put together to multitouch apps within the editor. On the left handside of the editor buttons can be created and backgrounds can be edited in the live-preview of the suite. It is possible to show a grid in order to align elements precisely.

When an element is chosen within the live-preview it can be edited on the right handside via the toolbar. For example a background can be changed with a click on the background or a volume control can be added with a click on the appbar.

More configurations such as the design template, layout grid or inactivity can be changed with the different tabs Template&Design, System Configuration and General.

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