Terminal Management - Easy and intuitive

Infrastructure & Terminal Management

  • Decentralized worldwide control over any number of terminals through the easy-to-use content management system
  • Synchronize your contents across an in-house network or conveniently across the Internet via cloud or FTP server
  • Easy licensing management and installation routine
  • Install the CMS on several computers and manage your terminal network collaboratively
  • Maximum security through encrypted storage and transfer of senstitive data

Only a handful of components are necessary to operate a B12-Touch system: the easy-to-use CMS software delivered by us, a storage location (depot) for the different touch terminal data for decentralised maintenance and one or several multi-touch terminals.


Content Management System (CMS)
B12-Touch has efficient and easy-to-use CMS software that creates and delivers the content for the multi-touch terminals. This software can be installed on any number of editor computers. Each computer thereby accesses a shared storage path (depot) of project data such as text, images or videos. The multi-touch terminals can therefore be maintained and managed by multiple employees together. Multiple employees are prevented from working on the contents simultaneously by software for security. In the CMS, the different apps are created and filled and then combined into suites and assigned to the respective terminals.

The final content is delivered to the B12-Touch terminal via a depot server. The finished content is delivered in this for each terminal by the editors. The editor must have read and write permissions to the depot. A depot can be a FTP or FTPS/WebDAV within a cloud or a network drive. It is also possible to use different types of multiple depots simultaneously.

Multi-touch Terminal
B12-Touch software is installed on all terminal systems. The terminals access one of the depots at minute intervals, adjustable via the Content Management System, downloading new content incrementally if available. The B12-Touch terminals only require read permissions to the depot for this. Depending on the type of depot, they may also require Internet access.

If it is sensitive data or if particular safety guidelines must be observed, the B12-Touch system can also be fully operated in a closed corporate network.

The latest B12-Touch infrastructure consists of the following elements:

  • One or more editor computers (employees) with the installed B12-Touch CMS software
  • A storage path accessible by all editor computers for the shared project data (depot)
  • If applicable, a further depot (FTP, WebDAV (Cloud System) or network drive) for delivering content to the terminal systems
  • One or more terminal systems with B12-Touch terminal software installed

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