Reference – Individual multitouch-book for the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

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Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

Oversized multitouch-book.
  • Use of the B12-Touch multitouch software package
  • Development of several interactive flipbook pages
  • Creation of a double full HD template

The Gläserne Manufaktur is a car factory in the heart of the city, and has been the home of Phaeton production since 2001. Visitors, customers and interested parties can experience first-hand how this luxury Volkswagen model comes to life. The entire production process – starting with the customer consultation, via the final assembly and temporary storage in the car tower, right up to the delivery of the vehicle to the customer lobby – can be observed from the Orangery. A large multitouch book awaits visitors in the Gläserne Manufaktur visitor centre, with which they can delve deeper into different aspects of Volkswagen and the Phaeton.

Implementation & Result:

The multitouch book comprises two vertical full HD monitors that are interconnected to form one large display. B12-Touch created an interactive flipbook for this display in which visitors can navigate their way through the three chapters – “History”, “The Phaeton” and “Art and Culture” – to learn more about the full range on offer at the Gläserne Manufaktur. Certain sections were also upgraded using the B12-Touch software flipbook tool to include interactive content such as films and infopopups.