Multimedia vehicle presentation at the car dealership

Are you planning an event at your premises and looking for the perfect product presentation for your car models?
Our B12-Touch software is used by several well-known car dealerships in Germany and offers an attractive visualisation.

Which benefits do multitouch systems provide for car dealerships?

  • All car models can be shown, even without being on display
  • Customers can get information independently by using the touchscreen
  • Memorable information experience with entertainment value

Innovative car presentations with B12-Touch

Our content management system (CMS) realises interactive touch screens with multitouch gestures, on which visitors can independently deal with different aspects of your car dealership. Because of the variety of standard apps, your content can be processed easily and appealing. A structured model overview could for example be prepared with the gallery app. The users can browse through the car model photos and use the zoom function for a Full-HD-view with the opportunity to display further information in the form of text, videos and links. The marker app is suitable for a detailed product description of a specific car model. Info buttons encourage to deal interactively with the product and they could answer frequently asked questions. Aspects such as the development of the vehicles, their production process and their history can be experienced playfully with the timeline app. Every event within the timeline can be clearly sorted by the year dates. Infopopups provide further product details and slideshows with pictures and videos.

To present your product variety in a very special way, we would be more than happy to programme a configuration tool for you as an individual service. Let your customers immerse into the world of automobiles and let them compile their own car model with personalised colours, rims and other extras.

Another positive aspect is the fact that you won‘t have any extra work with creating content, because you can use your existing photo series and information texts. They can be processed into the CMS easily. Wheather stele, tablet, display on the wall or a desk – we will make our presentation software B12-Touch optimally match your desired touch screen. Learn more about the hardware devices of our partners. We are your contact for all issues!

Cost saving with our multitouch software B12-Touch

With B12-Touch, you can do a worldwide data maintenance of an unlimited number of multitouch systems at different places. The appropriate license allows you to manage your content in the CMS easily on your own for any number of devices. Save printing and assembly costs of classic print media and impress your customers with interactive touch screens and diverse visualising opportunities for your products.

Invite your customers not only to see, but experience the world of automobiles.

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