Multifunctional kiosk systems as infoterminals

Enliven your branch with interactive infoterminals, where customers can inform themselves. Point out targeted which discounts and campaigns you offer, advise with product information or purchase recommendations.

Inform, guide and entertain with infoterminals

  • Placement of many different contents and formats in one software
  • Visitors, customers or interested people can inform themselves independently
  • Playful interactions entertain customers at the point of sale (POS)

Present information interactively with B12-Touch

In cooperation with the right hardware, B12-Touch offers the opportunity to implement diverse information individually with the help of our standard apps and to adapt the design to your CI-guidelines. Every employee of your company can maintain the content easily with an appropriate license. Our flipbook app converts your PDF into an interactive brochure to browse through. Refer your readers to important additional information like current offers, news and events through animated buttons and infopopups. By means of a startscreen, you can provide different tools or levels. Whether interactive shelf finder, product consultant or quiz game: Your customers can explore all levels independently. Or you could even advertise with a passive monitor in your shop window playing promotional videos continuously. If you would like to use multiple touchscreens, you can display different content on every device. This makes it possible play suitable content on the different terminals in all the areas of your company.

Attract and inform customers with B12-Touch

We would be more than happy to advise you how you can put your content into the right form with our standard apps. Surprise your customers with an attractive multitouch solution at the point of sale and encourage them to learn more about your products.

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