Multitouch screens as a interacitve bulletin board

Do you want to provide an interactive information platform for your employees, where all important information is clearly displayed? A digital bulletin board offers the solution. Due to the digitalisation, you can add, delete or update the information at any time.

Advantages of a multitouch monitor

  •  Digital and interactive information platforms guarantee quickest possible internal communication
  •  Information changes will be displayed immediately at all locations
  •  Individual design adjustments, according your CI guidelines

Digital info board with B12-Touch

The B12-Touch standard apps will put your excel table, word document and images in the right form. Upcoming events and dates can be presented with a picture or infotext with an interactive timeline. You can share weekly menus as interactive PDFs to browse through with our flipbook app or integrate them as single pages as infopopups. Photos, texts or videos can be displayed one after another with the screensaver app, as soon as the infoterminal is no longer in use. The content can be controlled accurately to the minute. If you need a calendar for customer meetings or in-house events, you can use the practical timeline app. It offers an interactive appointment overview as a list by date, time, picture and text. The employee-info app displays current employee information on the multitouch screen. In this way new hires, anniversaries and birthdays will be easily accessible and never again be forgotten. An ideal possibility to keep an overview of all meetings in large companies. With B12-Touch you can update your content of any number of monitors at any time from one position.

Wall monitor, stele, huge tablet or multitouch table?

Your staff will get a better overview of all the important upcoming dates and events, menus in the cafeteria or the possibility to share information and offers with other colleagues. Our partners offer diverse hardware devices in various formats. We always adapt B12-Touch to your desired multitouch display, examine your content and advise you how you present your media in the best possible way. Get in touch with us!

The presentation software b12-Touch: easy to operate and to maintain

Would you like to update your digital infoboard without our help? You can purchase a licence at any time, including free personal support, which authorises every employee to adapt and maintain the CMS. Everyone is able to use our user-friendly interface – even without programming skills. All employees can exchange information quickly and easily.

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