Visual merchandising in entrance area

Innovative multi-touch software as an attraction in the entrance area

You already want to greet your customers in the entrance area and give them the possibility to, for example, inform themselves about the services you offer? Our B12-Touch software allows you to implement this in an innovative and multimedia way. With the help of the Content Management System (CMS) it is easy to enter content and to maintain it. Backgrounds and start screens can be designed and adapted individually according to your company’s CI.

  •  Greeting and information possibilities in the entrance area
  •  Personlized software design
  •  Existing content can be added to the CMS

Innovative technology with contemporary design

Decide which information should be included and which apps of our standard apps fit the best. For example, introduce your staff members in our employees app or help the customer to orientate in the building by providing a side plan. The maps app, additionally, allows you to present all your company’s locations in Germany or worldwide. You can also use a recent brochure which is perfectly made for our flipbook app. The customer can easily handle this interactive magazine and discover even more facts by clicking on the included infopopups. To present your company’s history, use the timeline app which informs the customer about past and future events.

Welcome your customers with individually designed content in an innovative manner and stimulate his interest with the different functions of our multitouch software B12-Touch.

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