Digital advertising in bank branches

B12-Touch multitouch software is ideal as digital signage in your branch. Different multitouch devices can be installed as infoterminals or advertising space in your shop windows to present information more versatile.

Which benefits do multitouch displays offer in bank branches?

  • Visualisation of your services via active and passive infoterminals
  • Interactive customer experience by using multitouch controlling
  • Multifaceted presentation of promotional videos and offers

Digital Signage as an added value in bank branches with B12-Touch

Using multitouch devices is extremely effective in waiting areas where customers can independently inform themselves about products and services. Our content management system (CMS) contains more than 20 apps. You can turn a simple brochure into an interactive magazine with our flipbook app. Integrate infopopups to highlight further information and media, which could be interesting for your customer.

Would you like to have an overview for all of your branch locations and the matching opening hours as an easy accessible information source for your customers? Then try our maps app which enters the locations on an interactive map. You can add any number of points of interest (POI). The user can use the zoom function for a more detailled view and the wipe function to explore the map independently. The system provides the opportunity of giving further information through texts, links and slideshows. The showcase app works like a digital light table and uses all possible multitouch opportunities. You can spread, move against each other and rotate and scale information- and promotional videos on the touch display – even with several users at the same time. Our customers like to use the poster app for shop windows. It shows digital and advertising posters. Choose an exact time in minutes, for how long your advertising should be seen and when they swap.

Which benefits do multitouch displays with B12-Touch provide?

Customers like to get their information without commitment. By using a self-service terminal or kiosk system, they can often answer frequently asked questions on their own. Furthermore, the presentation software B12-Touch allows every authorised employee to update the terminals worldwide. Save personnel costs and benefit from the easy way of satisfying the customer’s needs. You can decide wheather you would like to do the content filling on your own or if we should save you some time and fill it for you.

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