Multitouch displays for an interactive experience in museums

Put the focus on interactivity with multitouch infoterminals and digital signage systems in your entrance area or at your exhibits and entice your guests with an active museum visit.

Advantages of an interactive touchscreen in museums

  • Interactive museum visits remain long in the memory and create recognition value
  • Original and contemporary presentations of your exhibits attract especially young people
  • Touch displays provide a visual tour through space and time of the exhibits

How to win new visitors with multitouch solutions

Multitouch displays enable a new dimension of information displays. Digital guidance systems support visitors to find the right direction. Highlight certain points of interest (POI) and explain with a short text what visitors can expect to see at this place. Digital information signs with multitouch gestures provide even playful interactions, which can be experienced by several users at the same time. A big advantage of digital signage on touch monitors is the opportunity to update the content at any time according to the exhibition theme. You can save easily print costs for print media, staff and assembly. Invite adults and young people to get active and to learn new things playfully.

Innovative museum technology with B12-Touch

The easy-to-use content management system (CMS), on which our presentation software is based, transfers all your content quickly into interactive multitouch apps. You could for example show famous and important artworks with our gallery app, where the objects can be displayed at a glance or every object separate in a detailed view with infotext and location. The marker app could be used for an interactive museum guide, which could explain different locations by using infopopups. It’s also possible to add further texts, pictures, videos and websites to the locations. Another option could be to display biographies of special people from history or exhibiting artists with our timeline app. Integrate data, events with pictures and other media, so that the user can experience a journey through time.

Besides, you can use the possibility to install a touchscreen close to the artworks to accompany the objects with further information. If for example certain elements of exhibits are no longer available or probably it is because of their size or installation technology not possible to exhibit them, B12-Touch offers the solution to show 3D-animations and visualise them on a monitor. This is the perfect way to complete the exhibits with lost relicts and visualise them in the right context. Within our individual programme, you can order more complex applications, which cannot be completely implemented with our standard apps. You could for example create a virtual tour into the world of the exhibits for the visitors. Moving images have a more comprehensive presentation than printed infosigns and they convince by emotionalising and the related perception of the brand image. Benefit from positive visitor feedback and make it easy to learn important content playfully and to keep it longer in memory. By means of our quiz app, it’s easy to create an interactive quiz and it encourages to learn more about your exhibits.

Design your museum space with B12-Touch

If you decide on a multitouch display, you will receive the most possible attention and interest of your visitors. We can show you, how easy it is to prepare attractive content with our B12-Touch standard apps.

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