Interactive product configurators at the point of sale

The demand for individualised products increased enormously and costumer’s desires should be best taken into account even before the manufacturing. With an individually developed product configurator you can show all available colours and variations of your products. You can even set up a digital consultant on a touch display, which could for example ask for gender, age and preferences to give a product recommendation.

Benefits of interactive product configurators

  •  Customers can configurate their desired product by themselves
  •  Objective product consultation with the opportunity fort he customers to get active
  •  Special information experience attracts customers to come inside

Digital product consultation at the touch display

Our individual programme offers an application, which finds out certain interests and preferences of your customers by using a questionnaire to present a sound consultation inclusive purchase recommendation. The evaluation is made within a few seconds. The design can be adapted from for example individual products, departments or even the customer’s gender.
You decide how many and what kind of questions will be displayed on the touchscreen as questionnaire, between what kind of answers the user can choose and which products will be used as recommendations after finishing.
The last level with the product, which is displayed as recommendation, can provide detailed information about the product by means of our standard apps. Add a promotional video or a QR-code, so that the customers can get further information after scanning it with their smartphone. Of course it is possible to restart the questionnaire if the customer might not be satisfied.

Designing and configurating interactive products

Provide the possibility to your customers of getting active on a multitouch display and learning more about your products. Car personalisation, outfit compilation or shoe design pleasants the customers and gives this special feeling of configurating an individual product.

Original multitouch configurators with B12-Touch

Offer your customers a very exclusive shopping experience with product configurators as well as digital consultation at the point of sale. We develop the best possible form for your content with our individual programme and design it according to your CI-guideline.

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