Inform about Points of Interest using multitouch screens

Points of Interest are locations where potential customers are able to inform themselves about products and services of a company. That could be for example shops, subsidiaries, events or fairs. Have you ever thought about presenting your Point of Interest with the help of an interactive presentation? In this way you can clarify at which points interested parties can gain information and how they orient themselves at Points of Interest.

Advantages of an interactive presentation software for Points of Interest

  • Overview of the Points of Interest
  • Show information regarding to the different locations creatively
  • Digital orientation systems for the Points of Interest
  • Short-term changes possible with the easy to use Content Management System

Possibilities of interactive presentations of Points of Interest

You can visualise relevant locations using B12-Touch. Use for example the maps app. You can place several infobuttons an a map and add texts, adresses, pictures and other media. In this way all Points of Interest are shown to the user on the touchscreen optionally with further information in the sidebar.

If you already have a map which shows every important location, you can use it as a background within the marker app and add infobuttons on the locations which open after touching them and contain furter information and media. Let your customers explore the interactive map on their own by using the zoom function and movements in several directions. In this way floors and surfaces can be shown which light the customers way in subsidiaries and shops.

Show your website on an interactive touch display using the browser app, so that customers and interested parties can inform themselves about products and services digitally.

Let it be realised or design on your own

We would like to take care of your next project with B12-Touch. We conceptualise, design and realise your individual desires. Optionally your employees can continue working with the CMS. Existing contents such as images, texts and videos can be integrated easily. Let your creativity take its course and design the apps as you like.

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