Customized Solutions Programm - Exclusive multi-touch applications

We always strive to find the right form for every single content our clients wish to convey. The goal of our Customized Solutions Program is to collaborate with the client in developing ideas and concepts about which multimedia solutions optimally correspond to his/her wishes and objectives. Your individualized applications (apps) are conceived, planned, designed and programmed exactly according to your ideas. If, for example, the functions of one of our standard multi-touch apps does not satisfy your needs, then we will specifically enhance the app until they do. If you have concrete ideas for an app we do not offer yet – then we realize that app for you specifically.

Individual Beispiel Siemens InnoTrans

Which advantages does our individual programme offer?

  • More complicated uses can be realised
  • Conversion of your individual wishes and CI default
  • Integration of the most different contents from your data bank
  • Independent care of your contents in the CMS possible
We are happy to collaborate with your developer team in creating solutions that automatically import all the contents from your databases, and supplement the existing content in addition. Live ports are an option here, as are regular data imports over night.Of course, you can manage your own individualized app in exactly the same way like all the other apps: conveniently and autonomously from within your content management system.

Here are some examples.

If you would like to learn more about our Customized Solutions Programm please feel free to get in Touch with us or get more information in the chapter “References” about former projects.