Changelog - Notes on previously released versions

Below you find the release notes on all the previous versions of B12-Touch.

Suite configuration 2.0
B12-Touch 3.6 includes a whole new suite editor, which will give you even more power over your content. You can open any infopopup from any group, select from a range of button-layouts and configure your overall suite-layout freely. This brings you the possibilities to create portrait content, single-app solutions for digital signage needs and multi-app layouts with advertisements or newsticker content.

App teaser
This new type of button will bring you a live preview of content of gallery and timeline apps. For example, you could manage a video archive in form of a gallery, and always show the three newest entries as prominent buttons on your start screen. If you now add a new video to this app, the start screen is automatically updated without the need to update the suite yourself.

Updated licence systems
Activation of your terminals got a lot more transparent: in addition to showing information on the current status of your activation and hardware, you can use USB dongles for activation, and skip a rather complicated process to authenticate your terminals in a context where internet activation is not a valid option.

Automatically updating terminal software
B12-Touch licences include the newest version of our UpdateTool, the software responsible for monitoring your created content and updating it accordingly. Since CMS 3.6 this software will be released via the configured depots, the same way you release your content updates. Connected terminals (UpdateTool 3.5.0 and newer) will automatically detect software updates, a manual update directly at the terminal is now unnecessary.

Optimizing the user interface
B12-Touch 3.5 lets you create screenshots from your suite that will help you in configuration to keep track of your content. Furthermore, the way infopopups are created is now more intuitive and consistent.

New terminal configuration
The new configuration window for terminals will make adjustments to terminal settings more easily and understandable: screenshots from the selected suite, setting runtimes and service intervals will help you configure the terminal the way you want it to.

New provider for map material: Mapbox
As Google Maps is shutting down its service used by our software to display maps and search for locations, we had to change our provider for map tiles. Our choice is Mapbox, which will bring you additional bonuses: Mapbox allows you to adjust the map layout to your needs, so you can create truly CI-related map content, and the multitouch gestures feel more natural overall.

Marker App 2.0
New features were added to the existing marker app: a sidebar, known from several other apps, can be added, in addition to a scroll-to-item functionality when selecting content from it. Special markers can be enriched with user-defined highlight-effects such as images or animations.

Significant optimization when synchronizing project data
Synchronisation of project data between the editor’s computer and depots was improved fundamentally. It now works even faster and more secure than ever. Special care was taken of the WebDAV integration, which results in a fast way of opening, editing and closing your projects.

New app
singlemedia app for displaying single media files like images, SWF or videos. The latter can be enriched with chapters, too.

Supporting PDF files inside infopopups
Infopopups can now directly reference PDF files without the need to previously convert them to images. They are displayed on the terminal the same way, the browser app is displaying them.

Optimizing the Content Management System
Layout enhancements, new configuration options for home screen buttons, duplicate app instances, date and time formatting options inside the timeline app.

New apps
timeline app to display chronological information, split into hours, days, weeks, months, years or centuries.

PDF support inside browser app
PDF files are now supported inside the browser app and are shown as vertical slideshow.

Update for PDF import
Importing a PDF file is now up to 10 times faster.

All B12-Touch software components were extensively monitored with performance tests to significantly enhance their run time.

Layout configuration for media and infopopups
You can now control the detailed look of your content with scale, align and crop configurations,
Multilingual suites
Suites and apps can now be stored in different languages.

Further enhancements
Optimized the sound control and inactivity handling.

Suites are the new key to creating terminal content: adding apps is done in a completely new what-you-see-is-what-you-get-editor, which means you will directly see all your changes. This powerful tool is even enriched with custom layouts, breadcrumbs and the introduction of nested home screens.

The terminal and Content Management System were completely revamped to look clean and modern. Infopopups are introduced to provide a standardized way to display information throughout the terminal apps.

Data storage
Data is stored in a way that allows for previews of apps and suites whenever you like: they will open instantly, regardless of their content.

Depots are the central hub for transferring content to your terminals. And since we support the WebDAV-protocol, the terminals can be inside your company or in a completely different country.

UpdateTool The terminal software of B12-Touch is now managed by the B12-Touch UpdateTool, which monitores and updates the data. A minimalistic UI provides all key features like restart, update and licence activation.

New app
marker app for an interactive presentation of images, e.g. for product pages or panorama views.

Update for PDF import Importing a PDF file is now up to 4 times faster.

Update for digital asset management
Handling was optimized with a new rightclick context menu, a snapshot tool provides easy image creation from within a video file.

Optimizing gestures on terminals
Gesture recognition was improved fundamentally, so your end user can use gestures like swipe more intuitively.

Importing PDF files
PDF files can now be imported into the Content Management System and will be converted to flipbooks on-the-fly.

Importing imagesequences
Most apps like showcase and gallery now support an imagesequence import, which makes content creation easier than ever.

New apps
drawing for presentation, redevelopment of rssreader as newsfeed with the ability to write your own feeds and a quiz app for creating your own quiz games.

Preview inside Content Management System
Introducing preview functionality for app instances and terminals inside the Content Management System to be able to control all changes directly on the editors computer.

New apps
poster and screensaver

Interactive flipbook pages
The flipbook app was extended to support interactive pages, which can enrich static pages with interactive elements like slideshow, video and detailed information.

New app
browser App for displaying webcontent inside our application.

flipbook update
flipbook App version 2.0 with new engine for optimized presentation and high-performance utilization.

Content Management System
First introduction of the B12-Touch Content Management System to support content management by editors.

New apps
showcase, flipbook, employees, employees-info, timetable and welcomescreen.

First version
Apps aiplay, gallery, magicbox and maps.