Digital goods presentation in showrooms

Customers like to see, touch and test products before buying them. In contrast to online shopping, special services and actions directly at the Point of Sale stay in mind. Invite your customers to get to know your products interactively with the help of multitouch displays. You transfer more emotions and make your products come alive via interactivity in your showroom.

Advantages of digitalisation of your showroom

  • Interactive actions at the Point of Sale attract customers to your showroom
  • More extensive presentations of all product variations and colours possible
  • Modern technology arouses interest of visitors

Which advantages do multitouch displays offer in showrooms?

Many renowned companies already use multitouch systems as innovative highlights in their showroom. On one handside to save lease, inventory and service costs and on the other handside as an interactive Point of Interest (PoI). In this way visitors and customers are able to deal with the content on their own – also with several persons simultaneously thanks to multitouch gestures They can have a look at a diversity of product fotos, videos and animations which present your company in a playful and creative way and arouse interest of visitors. Motivate your customers to design their desired product on a touch display or display detailed product views on wall monitors.

Realise modern product presentations with B12-Touch

The standard apps of the multitouch software B12-Touch change your contents into interactive multitouch apps.
With the help of the gallery app product fotos can be shown in an overview but also in a full view with corresponding information texts. The showcase multitouch app works like a digital light table: Many contents can be spread, moved, rotated and scaled on a touchscreen – also by several persons simultaneously. Zoom functions and the full view allow additional detailed views on the shown contents. That is why the showcase App is suitable for interactive customer pitches where a direct communication between producer or seller and the customer is possible. You can answer your customers questions with appropriate visualisations.

We are content to develop an appropriate application if contents can not be realised with the Content Management System (CMS). This could for example be product configurators ordigital consultants. We would like to offer buying the CMS after a successful first filling done by B12-Touch. Your employees are authorised to take care of your multimedia contents then. The handling of the software can be learned quickly because of our easy to use CMS. We make hints and tricks available for you and offer more intense trainings to prepare you perfectly.

Contemporary presentation of goods for customer loyalty

Keep up with the times and present your company in a modern and innovative way. Enable a special and interactive information journey for your customers using B12-Touch which arouses interest on objects in your showroom and intensifies customer loyalty.

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