Interactive product presentation in shop-windows

Profit from our B12-Touch multitouch software in your shop window as an effective eyecatcher. An animated shop window appeals passersby during opening hours as well as nighttime and can be entertaining, informative or advertising. Use unlimited possibilities of digital communication and spread your advertising message quickly and sustainable to the perception of potential customers.

Advantages of a digital shop window

  • Present multimedia, independent of opening hours
  • Innovative advertising surface with individually designed media
  • Modern technology as an eyecatcher appeals the interest of passersby

Product views or advertising videos on digital shop windows

Our Software B12-Touch does not only work with active terminals at which visitors and customers can interact directly but also for passive systems which stand for example in shop windows. In this way terminals can be used as digital advertising surfaces in shop windows while showing promotional videos and product offers in continuous loops and animate passersby to stop and have a look. The digital advertisement solution can also be advantageous in smaller shop windows which need to transfer a lot of information and advertisements.

We recommend our poster App for the usage of our B12-Touch multitouch software for this field of application which is able to display desired fotos, videos and animations. It can be set exactly to the minute which types of media are integrated and how long these media shall be seen. This is how a multimedia screensaver.
The implementation of medial content is really easy and every authorised employee can adjust content via the Content Management System (CMS). The data can be changed from one location and updated on any terminal in the world.

B12-Touch as a multimedia presentation software

Multitouch solutions with B12-Touch changes your shop windows to eyecatchers and offer active customer approaches without additional personnel ressources. If desired sound can be integrated in addition to digital advertisement. Call the attention of passersby and invite them to enter the store.

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