Digital product presentation in shops

The world of visual merchandising enables a lot of possibilities to inform your customers about your product variations. Arouse targeted attention with a point of sale (POS) in your shop: an interactive multitouch display. Invite your customers with the help of digital signage and kiosk systems to explore your products precisely and support their buying decision.

Advantages for interactive presentation of wares in shops

  • Digital shop windows and touchscreen monitors arouse interest of visitors
  • Shelf finders and digital consultants help customers to search and decide
  • Interactive wayfinding systems guide customers faster to their desired product

Digital signage and kiosk system solutions using B12-Touch

Our B12-Touch Software with multitouch gestures converts your content into an interactive form. That way, product presentations, images, videos and animations can be displayed on a kiosksystem which supports touch gestures. The user can interact with products, sales discount events and news. Current brochures are suitable for our flipbook app. The customer can browse through the digital brochure and discover additional media content on infopopups. A playful interaction with productimages, advertisement or videos is possible with the showcase app. In this app all content is displayed on an interactive layout table. The user can turn, scale and rotate the images by touch gestures. The gallery app ist the best choice to highlight productinformation. All images are arranged in a gallery which has the opportunity to show additional information with infopopups. What about a digital display window, which plays your image film all day long or better a touchbased client guide system which helps your customers to find quickly what they are looking for? Everything is possible. The poster app displays digital advertising (e.g. images, videos & animantions). By using the marker app it is possible to create a shelf- or productfinder to guide your customers to their product of choice. Benefit from your customer‘s satisfaction and save the valuable time of your staff.

Use a personalized screensaver with our same titled screensaver app when your device is inactive and not in use by clients. This app makes your digital display window attractive for pedestrians, you can for example add discount campaigns, events or vip-evenings. Within our indiviual programme, you can order an interactive configurator which provides purchase recommendations. Support your customers to choose the right product. Furthermore, you can provide more information about your company’s locations, your staff or your company’s history. Therefore it’s the best way to use our maps app, employees app and timeline app. The background designs can be adapted to your CI-guideline.

Create purchasing power with the point of sale

Customers love to have all (colour-)variations of products at first glance and browse through the product discriptions without obligation. Our multitouch software B12-Touch provides the solution. We turn your ideas into an individual application with our presentation software and will guarantee new customers in your shop.

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