Interactive presentations with B12-Touch – Our content creation

B12-Touch conceptualises, develops and realises interactive product presentations for your exhibition appearance, for showrooms, for infoterminals, for digital bulletin boards and for museums.
We develop a customized concept for our customers and help them with the realisation of an expressive brand appearance.

Which advantages does the content creation offer?

  • In cooperation with you: Creation of an interactive concept
  • Creation and care of the Content Management System with B12-Touch
  • You are state of the art at any time
  • Already existing company contents can be used for interactive presentations

Complete realisation of your multitouch presentation by B12-Touch

We capture the structures of your company and create an interactive concept for your product presentation in cooperation with you. The right form for your exhibition piece is found, be it a fair, a customer experience in your showroom or an exhibit in a museum.
Thanks to the diverse B12-Touch multitouch system witty, playful and attentive multitouch presentations can be developed according to the companies corporate identity which transport your brands, products and information to your customer.

We take care of an appealing design and intuitive handling. The most important factor is to present your content clearly and to create a dialogue between you and your customers.
Completely new interactive presentations can be created out of your company-internal data or PowerPoint presentations. Another possibility is the creation of image-, advertising- and product films by our varied team of graphic- and motion designers.
The B12-Touch multitouch software is optimised steadily by our developers and promises you the state of the art. We are able to develop an individual solution for the visualisation of your presentation if there is no appropriate app in one of our standard apps.

Being on the safe side with the support of B12-Touch

We know what matters when you present your product presentation the first time on an event or fair due to longtime experience with our customers. You can also choose our all-round service in addition to our content creation. It guarantees immediate help in technological problems and state of the art terminals.

Independent care after first content creation

We commit your interactive presentation to you so that you can continue to work with it. You can orient yourself quickly due to a simple user interface of the Content Management Systems and assistance by B12-Touch – without any programming knowledge.

Have we arouse your interest? Then use the possibility to get in touch with us to obtain an offer. We are looking forward to meet you!


From concept to design

 Concept creation B12-Touch
Creation of a concept

Contentual topics and structures are set and a basic grid for your interactive presentation is made. Also fully animated backrounds are possible among simple pictures.

Design of user interface

Backgrounds, apps and fonts are adjusted to the companies corporate identity. Buttons and graphic elements can be chosen according to your companies appearance.

 Design user interface
 Final product B12-Touch
Your interactive presentation

You receive a product which can be used for fairs, company events and many other types of events. It invites your customers to stay and presents your products and contents in the best way.