Interactive multitouch solutions for your trade show

Your company will be represented at a trade fair and you want your exhibition stand to be as attractive as possible for visitors and including all your services? Create interactive presentations, which invite your guests to stay.

Which advantages do interactive presentations on a multitouch screen offer?

  • The entire product variety can be displayed
  • Present a huge amount of information in a clear overview
  • Guests will get active and it’s possible to use the display at the same time
  • Getting to know your products in a playful way, services will remain in their memory

This is how you present your product variety with innovative technology

Lack of space at trade shows is the reason why companies can only present selected products in display cases or smaller product levels on-site, which cannot show their complete product variety. Innovative technology makes it possible: Present your excellent product range even in smaller areas with our presentation software B12-Touch on a multitouch system and benefit from space- and cost-saving. Due to the multitouch gestures, you can look through your products and service with your customers. An interactive sales talk at eye level, where your customer can get active themselves, provides a relaxed consulting atmosphere and remains longer in their memory.

Original multitouch solutions with B12-Touch

The B12-Touch multitouch software and the belonging monitors can be purchased or even hired for a determined time span. The easy-to-use content management system translates your content, like photos, texts, videos and animations, into interactive multitouch apps. We manage the filling into the CMS and choose between 20 apps, which ones are the most suitable. If you, for example, would like to present a photo series of products in HD-quality with an attractive infotext on the display, the best choice would be the gallery app. Show pictures in full view and even videos and animations. Explaining texts can be added via infobuttons. Would you like your guests to prove their knowledge with a quiz? Let them get interactive with the quiz app. You could send interested visitors brochures or advertising leaflets with the download app to their email address. Furthermore, the drawing app enables to use different highlighting functions on the app surfaces. Interesting content, like text or pictures, can be underlined, labelled or highlighted with a marker. The marker points can be saved afterwards and send as an email. All apps can be personalised according to your CI-guideline by colours and backgrounds.

B12-Touch as magnet for trade fair visitors

Benefit from the advantages of the multitouch software B12-Touch and design your conversations meaningful and interactive. Customer loyalty and brand reinforcement are essential measures for a long lasting, successful management. Put the focus on your company with B12-Touch and get the most possible attention for your trade show, so that guests are encouraged to come closer and get some information.

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